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Version 5.0.0
About LandGrab

LandGrab is a game developed by Goose.

Developed in PHP with CodeIgniter 3 and the Google Maps API. Icons provided by You can view and contribute to this project on GitHub.

Special Thanks goes to Google Maps, The StackExchange Network, GleamPlay, CSS-Tricks, Extra Credits, Yahtzee's Dev Diary Series, ITHare, EllisLabs and British Columbia Institute of Technology for providing CodeIgniter, me on the left, /s4s/, llamaseatsocks, Anonymous, Ricky, the rest of the v1/v2 Beta Testers, and all my users. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it say I claimed the land, but it's the wrong color?

This happens when you get a land and update your map at the exact same time. It is somewhat rare and difficult to fix, but I am working on it.

Can you make a map with smaller squares?

The map currently consists of 15,000+ squares. Any more would be pushing most computers and browsers beyond its limits.

Can water squares be seperate from land squares?

This game is built on the Google Maps API. It does not tell me if a square of coords have land or not. It would need to be manually entered for each of the squares. There's also the sticky case of what counts as land or water (islands). At the moment, there's no plans to seperate the two.

Can you make it so new users can't start inside my land?

New users have to start somewhere. They can take any unfortified land. Also, calculating connected walls for each action requires a large amount of path finding logic that is currently not possible if it was desired.

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You can not claim ocean.

You can not start a nation on tundra.

You can not claim land that is already claimed.

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Support Costs
Defense Bonuses
Situational Units

Cost: $20 Billion Cost: 10 Support

Strong against Airforce, Navy, & Militia

Weak against Tanks

Can take Territories, Towns, & Cities

It's cheap price makes it a great foundation for your armies

Cost: $30 Billion 20 Support

Strong against Infantry, Navy, & Militia

Weak against Airforce

Can take Territories, Towns, Cities, & Metros

A great counter to infantry armies without air support, and is the only unit able to capture a Metro

Cost: $40 Billion Cost: 40 Support

Strong against Tanks, Navy, & Militia

Weak against Infantry

Can take Territories

It's expensive price and inability to take townships means it should be used primarily as support against Tanks.

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